A brand new home is for you if you…

  • like the experience of a fresh start, and enjoy fostering relationships with other new home builders. Families, who buy a new home in a particular area, are at a common level, facing similar challenges and life-changing situations, which draw them together into a community.
  • are concerned about the electricity consumption and want a more energy-efficient home. New homes have technological improvements to heating and cooling systems, insulation, construction technology, etc.
  • consider technology access critical. This includes pre-wiring for high speed internet connection or multiple phone lines.
  • love decorating the home from scratch like picking your own colors from paint to carpeting. You can even pick your own cabinet styles and countertops

A resale home is for you if you…

  • like developed landscaping and lush natural surroundings and don’t want to have to establish it, a resale home may be the right choice for you.
  • want to know the character and history of the potential neighborhood and want to associate yourself with its identity, then you may want to choose a resale home in a location that allows you to do that.
  • want to know your potential neighbors before you move in and not expect surprises like a shopping mall or restaurant next to your new home, a resale home may be the right one for you.
  • wish to spend a little less
  • desire more land or space

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